Pajama Day?

Dear Evil Skippy:

I have been trying to think of some team-building events for our workplace.  We’ve had Ugly Tie Day and have covered different decades.  I thought our next one could be Pajama Day.  I brought it up at our last planning meeting and one of my committee members suggested that I run the idea by you.  What do you think?

—  HR Planner

Dear Planner:

I think you better hope and pray that none of your employees sleep in the buff.

—  Evil Skippy

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  1. Quimby McFadden says

    As team building exercises go, “Pajama Day” is right up there with “Butcher a Cow Day” as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Sue says

    Anytime you do anything with PJ’s, you can run into trouble. You might want to try Ugly Sweater Day. However, you can offend people that way, too. Suppose I wear an “ugly” sweater that someone else has and wears because they like it? If we have to worry about offending our coworkers, it might be better to stick to potlucks!

  3. Paula says

    No pajama day because some people do not have the common sense to know what is appropriate and what is not. Try Hawaiian shirt day, sports day, pick one specific sport that way you can do it many times for the different sports, pick one color and make it an all red or black day, choose different countries. Use your imagination I’m sure you can find something that will work without running the risk that pajama day could bring.

  4. Lisa says

    HR Planner – it’s a workplace, not an elementary school! Aren’t there better team-building activities than playing dress up at work?

  5. learning facilitator says

    Sounds great. I just bought this great new “nightie” that I’d just love to show off. No one will be offended because I have a silk robe to cover up majority of the day, except of course when I show Tom. Did I mention that Tom is my bosses boss?

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