Does Ho Ho Ho = Prostitutes? (An ES@W Classic!)

Ho Ho HoDear Evil Skippy:

My manager and I are having trouble deciding what to do about one of my employee’s latest complaints.  This employee tends to complain about a lot of things.  Her current complaint is about a generic holiday display on a big bulletin board in our cafeteria/break room.  It includes a Santa and the words “HO HO HO!”  Our employee says this offends her because it is slang for prostitutes.  She says she is offended on religious grounds and because the phrase is demeaning toward women.  Our first reaction was that she was being way too sensitive because no one would mistake Santa’s laugh for anything but a laugh.  Then she showed us an article about how a Santa school in Australia has taught its Santas not to ever say “Ho Ho Ho” because it is demeaning toward women.  Now it seems like her argument is not so weird – but I can’t believe we can’t say “Ho Ho Ho.”  Do we need to take down the display?

–  Tired of PC B.S.

Dear Tired:

First things first.  Don’t play the PC card.  You fell for a hoax.  Read what has to say about Santa and “Ho Ho Ho” here

As for your employee’s complaint – no reasonable person would interpret your bulletin’s board message as having anything to do with prostitutes.  Here are the Evil Skippy Rules about the phrase in question:

1.      If you say “Ho” while pointing at a particular woman, you are calling her a hooker.  Or hooker-ish.  That should get you in trouble if you do it at work.

2.     If you say “Ho Ho Ho” while pointing at three women and you are not dressed as Santa, you have some explaining to do.

3.     If you are Santa or are dressed as Santa or are imitating Santa or are channeling the Santa spirit, “Ho Ho Ho” is officially fine from Thanksgiving through New Year’s.  After that, be quiet.  You’re annoying me.

Leave up your display.  Or not.  Your choice.

–  Evil Skippy

P.S.  Call me closed-minded, but I also think if you are not a rapper and you use the word “ho”, it is a desperate plea for attention and therapy.

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  1. Sue says

    Our Fair slogan one year was “Hoe down.” Whenever someone I knew read my t-shirt out loud, I would drop to my knees. (No, I’m not one!) But, it got laughs!

  2. Josie says

    When I worked as an Officer for Washington State Dept of Corrections in Forks, Washingon, I was told to go work in the HOH Unit! I said, “What the heck, are you calling me a HO?” Turns out that our Great Breathern in Olympia had decided that HOH was a GREAT name for THAT Unit as it was near the HOH Rainforest! It has caused me to chuckle for decades as I recall Inmates arriving on the Chain Bus being told to go to THE HOH! Sometimes, our Olympia Brethern are really out of touch with the rest of the World. Obviously, this woman is not only a complete drone, she needs a new job…betcha can guess where I think she should apply?

  3. C.J. says

    I say she needs a slap from Evil Skippy! This shows how people really look for things to complain about where the is nothing there.

  4. Flunky says

    I see a bigger issue than that of just saying “ho”. The writer mentions that they have Santa displayed and that in and of itself is a huge, HUGE workplace no, no. There are way too many groups that celebrate a holiday in December, and it is very un-PC to display something like this around the holiday season in a work environment. Just because you celebrate Christmas doesn’t mean that everyone else does.

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