The Job Applicant Didn’t Tell Us She Is Pregnant

images-270Dear Evil Skippy:

We hired a new employee last month. Today, she informed me that she is pregnant and due to deliver in October. I would not have hired her if I’d know she was going to need maternity leave so soon. Don’t applicants have an obligation to disclose that they are going to need a medical leave? I question her honesty and dependability because of this deceit.

— Annoyed Supervisor

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Should We Tell Our Employee To Remove His Confederate Flag Bumper Sticker?

bumper_stickerDear Evil Skippy:

Just over a year ago, one of our employees complained that a co-worker’s Confederate flag bumper sticker offended him. (It is just the flag – there are no words on the bumper sticker). We looked into the situation and decided that even though the co-worker parks in the company parking lot that he was not violating any workplace rules. The employee with the bumper sticker has never said or done anything wrong in the workplace. People like him and he does not treat anyone differently based on race. However, with all the news about South Carolina and that flag we are wondering if we should re-visit the issue. What do you think? Should we tell the employee to remove the bumper sticker?

— Don

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The Top Ten Ways To Avoid Inadvertently Offending Someone

11406797_10152786944455728_3934164675141648546_n-2Dear Tasteful Readers (and the rest of you, too):

If you did not have the good fortune to be in Bellingham, Washington, last night you missed “The Hammertime Sensitivity and Diversity Training Magic Hour (and a half)” sponsored by poetrynight – starring moi. Now you may never know how George Carlin, Santa, grandma and haiku relate to modern diversity issues. Poor you. You also missed the live debut of my newest list: The Top Ten Ways To Avoid Inadvertently Offending People.

Because I am such an amazing, generous character and not because I needed an easy post – here for your reading enjoyment is my newest Top Ten. No need to thank me, but monetary gratuities are always appreciated.

— Evil Skippy

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My Employee Is Mad About Pride Parades (An ES@W Classic!)


Dear Evil Skippy:

I work for a large company and supervise a department of 47 employees.   Groups of our employees march in community parades throughout the year.  The company provides banners and t-shirts to the marchers.  For the first time, this year some employees formed a group to march in our city’s gay pride parade.  One of my other employees is upset about this.   He says that the company is promoting a political agenda that is contrary to his religious beliefs.  He complained to me, then to my boss and then to the head of our human resources department.   He won’t accept the fact that we have a group in the parade.  Now he’s threatening to sue for religion-based discrimination because we are “forcing him to be associated with homosexuality”.  Does he have a claim based on this?  More importantly:

  • What would Evil Skippy do?
  • What should I really do in terms of what I say to this employee as he keeps complaining?

—  Exasperated

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My Employee Came To Work Drunk

stone tutorial piggy 015Dear Evil Skippy:

I supervise 25 people. Last week, one of my employees who had never broken any work rules before was obviously drunk on the job after he came back from a break. When I confronted him, he admitted that he’d “gone overboard”. I suspended him for a day and issued a written reprimand. I’m wondering if you think this was a sufficient response on my part.

— Stu

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Should We Ask For Proof Of A Claimant’s Race?

Web_ProofDear Evil Skippy:

I work for a small tech company with 80 employees. I handle human resources as well as accounting. I did not have H.R. experience before taking on this position. Most of my work is in accounting; we don’t have a lot of H.R. work and it only takes up about 10 per cent of my time. The company’s owners won’t pay for me to consult with an attorney and I have a question that needs a quick answer. We’ve been working on a claim of race discrimination raised by one of our sales people. With the recent news about the woman falsely claiming to be African-American, I am wondering if we should require our employee to prove her race before we spend any more time on the matter. Would you advise for or against that plan?

— Lynn

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Should We Attack The Boss With Water Balloons?

0cd27b5b69e17f85890f9ce44e130abfDear Evil Skippy:

The company where I work is having its annual picnic for employees and their families in a few weeks. The event is always well attended (we have about 150 employees). Fortunately, my question is not about anyone being concerned that someone might swear or drink a beer in front of one of their kids like that person who wrote last month. Mine involves practical jokes and fun. Each year, we secretly designate a supervisor to be the target in “Water Balloon Attack!”. We try to keep the weapon supply hidden and spring them when no one expects. (This is difficult since we douse someone every year.)

Here is the problem. Our Water Balloon Squad voted (not unanimously) to target one of the supervisors who is known for not having a sense of humor. He is also proud of his appearance. I have a nagging feeling that he is not going to be a good sport and might even make a scene if he is drenched. He has been pretty clear in his past comments that he “better not be selected for attack”. (On the other hand, he loves it when others are bombarded).

Should I trust my gut and talk the gang into changing its mind?

— Bob

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My Employees Are Always Late (Weasel Alert!)

images-219-2Dear Evil Skippy:

I supervise a group of twenty-five employees and most of them are great. There are a few of my people, however, who can’t manage to get back from lunch and coffee breaks on time. They usually waltz in five to ten minutes after they are due back. No matter what I do, they come up with excuses. Do you have any tips for getting people to be more timely after breaks?

— Rick

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News Flash – Flunky Is Alive

Dear Evil Skippy:

My work promoted me (the fools), and now I have no free time to visit your site daily…Or free time in general. This is the first time I’ve been back since my last comment…oh, I don’t know when…three weeks ago?

How am I supposed to manage more responsibilities while balancing out a nutritious daily intake of ES? Because as of now, I can’t figure that part out, and it’s killing me.



P.S. Please post my letter so that my fellow commenters know I’m still alive.

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