My Co-Worker Called Me A Mother F!@#%r

images-6Dear Evil Skippy:

Two weeks ago a fellow co-worker call me a Mother F!@#%r. This was only because he had tried to get a piece of equipment to work but could not. I got it to work in 5 seconds. I filed a complaint with the director and my HR. I spoke with the director a week later and she said that she did not feel it was hostile and that she has friends who speak to other friends that way. She went on to tell me he had been counseled regarding the matter.

We have a policy regarding profanity to clients and co-workers and it is not allowed. I myself have been suspended for cursing (I’m no saint) and it was not even as harsh as the word Mother F!@#%r What should I do in this matter? I have also discussed the issue with HR and she seems to go with the director.

– Anonymous

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I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Dear Evil Skippy –

I need some pointers about dealing with a disagreement that I am having with my manager.  I supervise four people and do their evaluations each year.  I just submitted a draft evaluation for one of my employees, who happens to be my worst performer.   I work more with Jack (not his real name) than anyone.  It is mainly related to things he should already know how to do, or things that he should have done correctly that we are re-doing.  Every day I have trouble doing my own work because I am so focused on him.

Although Jack is not a great performer, he has a great attitude.  I know he is trying his best and that he wants to pull his weight.  Because he has a great attitude, I want to give him a “Satisfactory” ranking for overall performance.   My manager disagrees and is insisting that I give Jack a “Needs Improvement.”  This seems unfair since my manager does not monitor performance.  He should defer to me because I have first-hand knowledge of how Jack does his job.  I also know that anything less than “Satisfactory” will be a big blow to Jack.  I need to keep his morale up if there is to be any chance of improving his performance.

Here’s what I want – some “magic words” to tell my boss so he will let me give the evaluation the way that I think is best.

–  Struggling for Power

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The Top Ten People I Want To Slap

One of the most disappointing things to me (so far) about our modern age is that we do not have personal jetpacks for travelling around town. Pollution-free, of course. As a child growing up watching The Jetsons (and a grown-up who to this day learns most of his science from cartoons), I truly thought we would have jetpacks by now.

And time travel! We were promised time travel!

Which makes me think. . . about how I would love to go back in time and slap some people from my professional past.

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My Boss Hates My “I Hate Mondays” Mug

images-258Dear Evil Skippy:

For years, I have used a coffee mug at work that says “I Hate Mondays”.  I’ve taken the mug with me when I’ve changed jobs (three times in ten years) and it has never been a problem.  That’s now changed.  I just got a new supervisor who told me not to use the mug at work anymore because it reflects a negative attitude.  I tried to reason with her, but she refused to budge.  She ended up saying that this was an “order” and if I keep using the mug she will write me up for insubordination.  Human Resources backed her up when I talked to them.

I don’t want to quit my job over this, but it’s tempting because I also don’t want to work with a crazy person or under crazy policies.  What can I do?  Could this be a freedom of speech issue under the Constitution?

–  Hates Mondays and Censorship

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We Want To Have A Pool Party But One Employee Objects

images-257Dear Evil Skippy:

I am on the committee that is planning our company’s annual summer picnic. This year, all except for one of us want to have the event at a local community club that has a pool, lots of covered picnic tables and grassy areas for games. The one hold-out is a woman who says we should not have swimming because, and I quote, “No one wants to see everyone in their bathing suits.” We know everyone is going to love our plan (except for her) but she has a tendency to make a stink about things if she does not get her way. How can we head her off at the pass on this?

– Lynn

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Should I Tell My Employee His Performance Was Unsatisfactory When I Lay Him Off Due To Budget Cuts?

Dear Evil Skippy:

Due to reorganization plans and some budget issues, the company where I am a manager is combining three small departments. As a result, we have to lay off a few people. We are basing the decision strictly on seniority. One of the men who I supervise will be laid off. He has had terrible job performance for a long time. I was thinking that when I inform him of the lay off, I will also tell him that I was about to initiate a corrective action plan because his job was in jeopardy due to poor performance. This information might help him do better at his next job. Our human resources manager is insisting that I stick to the lay off reason and not mention anything else. That seems dishonest to me. What would you do?

– Manager Michael

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Should I Appeal My “Good” Attendance Ranking?

cac4e2c8253fb24e086b56d9539e862aDear Evil Skippy:

My supervisor just gave me my annual evaluation. She is new to the company but I have worked here for five years. My performance reviews have always been excellent. Although my overall ranking on the recent review was outstanding, my supervisor ranked me only as “Good” in the attendance category even though I never missed a day of work and was never late. When I asked why I did not get the highest ranking, my boss replied, “There is always room for improvement”. This does not make sense to me. Should I appeal the ranking to get it changed? What do you recommend?

– Andrew

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Should I Invite An Atheist To My Wedding?

images-256Dear Evil Skippy:

I am getting married in a few months. It will be a religious ceremony held at my family’s church. One of the employees who I supervise is an atheist. She has made it clear in the past that she is not a fan of organized religion. Do you think it is all right to invite her to the wedding? Our invitations are going to include Bible verses, so if I end up inviting her should I forego the printed invitation and ask her to attend in person? I was planning to invite all the people who work for me but don’t want to make waves with that one employee so am thinking perhaps I should just remove her from the list.

– Anthony

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Are Class Members Most Attentive In The Morning Or The Afternoon?

images-255Dear Evil Skippy:

I have loved your blog for years and hope I get to hear you speak in person some day. I coordinate some of the training programs where I work. In your experience, are people more attentive in morning classes or afternoon ones? I want to make my programs as effective as possible.

– Hillary

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