How Can I Get Promoted When No One Here Is Leaving?

280ad7fc-e7b0-425e-a070-db3abbc28422_1000Dear Evil Skippy:

I love where I work. I also really want a promotion so I can get into management some day, but everyone is happy here and no one seems interested in quitting. They also aren’t anywhere near retirement age. Would you start job hunting in my situation?

— Ambitious

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My Irish Employee Complained About Pub Signs

Hat_and_shillelagh_colourDear Evil Skippy:

Every few months, the department I manage has a lunch retreat at a local restaurant. We combine a nice lunch with a meeting about current goals and achievements. (I know you hate meetings – me too. I keep these ones focused and brief). Last week, we had one of these events at a restaurant with an Irish pub theme. One of my employees (who claims Irish heritage) complained that the location was inappropriate harassment because signs around the bar area said things like “So this Irishman walks out of a bar . . . No, really! It can happen!” and “God created liquor to keep the Irish from conquering the world”. How would you handle this complaint? My employee said no one should be exposed to stereotypes at a work function and these signs insinuate that all Irish people are drunks.

— Manager

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Another Employer Stole My Star Worker

439485286Dear Evil Skippy:

I own and operate a small store where I employ eight sales clerks. My most senior and most efficient employee gave her notice because she accepted a position with another store. She told me that one of our customers was so impressed by her personality and service that he recruited her for his place. She said she felt guilty for leaving but the other place made a salary offer she could not refuse. Do you think I could sue the other store for stealing my employee?

— Peeved

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Ten Top Ways To Stop Employees From Surfing The Internet

Dear Evil Skippy:

I have been coaching one of my employees who has had problems with productivity. When she was out sick this week, I logged on to her computer and discovered that she has been spending a lot of time during the workday planning a trip to Asia (making reservations, reading about destinations, etc.) Now I see why she does not get as much done as I expect. Do you have any tips for me to prevent her from wasting time like this?

— Supervisor

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The Job Applicant Says He Hates His Boss

i-hate-my-boss-buttonDear Evil Skippy:

Why would a job applicant tell me when I am interviewing him that the reason he is leaving his present job is because he hates his current boss? That doesn’t make him seem like a great candidate to me. Do you think that bad answer is a good enough reason not to hire the person?

— Alex

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I Am Secretly Dating One Of My Employees

Dear Evil Skippy:

I am a supervisor with a problem. Three months ago, I started secretly dating one of the employees who reports to me. It has to be a secret because our employer prohibits supervisors from dating people in their department. Things have been fine, but now I am wondering about the future. I am thinking about asking my employee to move in with me, but if we do that it will be more difficult to keep our relationship a secret. Is this relationship doomed?

— D.L.T.

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