I Asked A Job Applicant Out For Coffee

images-234Dear Evil Skippy:

I manage a group of customer service representatives and just had a few days of employee interviews. During a break on the first interview day, I ran across the street to Starbucks. While I was there, an attractive young lady in line behind me struck up a conversation. It was a long line. By the time I paid, I thought we had hit it off so I asked her if she would like to meet another time for coffee when we could talk more. She liked the idea and we exchanged phone numbers and I said I would call her in the next day or two. As you may have seen coming, she was the next candidate who I interviewed. We chuckled about the coincidence and proceeded with the interview. At the end, I said (nicely) we would have to forget about the coffee. When she agreed, she also replied that she hoped I was not going to torpedo her resume just so she wouldn’t be hired and would then be free for the date. I thought she was joking, but now I wonder if I am being set up. What do you think?

– Brad

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My Boss Won’t Let Me Quit

images-236Dear Evil Skippy:

I flew all the way to Boston to quit my job, but my boss refused to accept my letter of resignation! To be fair, it was very unexpected. I love my job, and I do it well. I’m just ready to move on to something else. My boss wants me to “think it over” over the next few weeks. Ev (can I call you Ev?), I’ve thought it over for several months and I’m not going to change my mind. How can I convince my boss that I’m serious about wanting to leave?

I’ve thought of a few possibilities, but perhaps you can help me by thinking up a few more.

  1. Call up my immediate supervisor, and while talking with her suddenly start speaking in tongues. The problem is, the only other language I’m any good at is German, and she’s from Germany, so that might not work.
  2. Convince my manager that the real reason I’m quitting is to become a Country & Western singing sensation. Ask for his professional advice as I burst into a rousing rendition of “Take This Job and Shove It.”
  3. Interpretive striptease at the upcoming all-employee meeting.

I could really, REALLY use your advice. Help me Evil Skippy, you’re my only hope.

– C.S. (Not My Real Name)

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My West Coast Co-Workers Torment Me With Weather Updates

images-233Dear Evil Skippy:

I live and work in Boston. My company also has offices on the west coast in Seattle. As you know, we have had a wild winter here. We are all pretty tired of the cold, ice and digging out of snow.  My colleagues on the west coast keep sending us weather updates about their wonderful balmy weather and it is driving me crazy. What can I do to make them stop?

– R.M.

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My Boss Stressed Me Out By Telling Me Not To Be Stressed

images-232Dear Evil Skippy:

A few weeks ago, our office had a mandatory training program about how to manage and avoid stress in the workplace. Because of attending the program, I became pressed on some imminent deadlines. Today, my supervisor told me that I needed to implement some of the methods we learned in the training session because I was “obviously stressed.” He said he might issue a performance improvement plan if I don’t “calm down.” Please provide me with an evil plan to use if he says it again.

– Carolyn

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What Counts As An Appropriate Workplace Hug?

images-230Dear Evil Skippy:

I am a gregarious, physical person. I am also a hugger. I think if people hugged more often, the world would be a better place. My boss recently told me that a few people are uncomfortable with my hugs and I need to be more careful about hugging in the future. What counts as an appropriate work place hug?

– Friendly

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